11th Angie’s Hope Fundraiser

Hi everyone! Kyra’s Idea Angie’s Hope is an organization that has been raising money to cure Spinal Muscular Atrophy (SMA), a neuromuscular disease that affects our friend Angie. Last year was the last annual Angie’s Hope event, as Angie and many of us who were involved in the fundraisers headed off to colleges all across the nation. The theme for this final event was “Promise to Cure SMA”… and here we are to fulfill that promise! Since we’re spread out all across the country, we have decided to host an online fundraiser this year, and we’ve designed these laptop stickers that will help raise money AND spread awareness about SMA. Anyone who donate $5 or more will receive a laptop sticker in the mail. You can follow this link tinyurl.com/angieshope2018 to make a donation.

The continued support over the years means so much to us and we could not thank all of you enough! Let’s all remember our promise and continue doing our part to cure SMA! Thank you so much!